Video marketing is – in simple words –  incorporating videos into your strategic marketing campaigns. With videos you can promote your company, product, service or highlight customer experience. Video is a great tool in promoting your brand, product and service because it helps companies to leverage rich media content into their marketing efforts.

Benefits of video and video marketing are immense:

  • Videomarketing builds a rapport with your audience as well as personal connection
    Videos can give your brand that extra touch in order to become more personable to your clients and customers. Rather than being seen as „faceless“ company – create your videomarketing campaing in which you will create direct rapport with your audience and enhance the personal connection with your viewers. If people will „know you“ and „recognize you“ – they are much more likely to buy from you.
  • Videomarketing helps with SEO
    It is widely known that video and videomarketing will help your website with Search Engine Optimisation. By the way – Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world – so you better have your videos there too…. because your customers will likely look for the information there.
  • Video is easy to understand
    Videos have a great power – they are much easier to understand than written text. Also people are much more likely to see the videos rather than read long texts. So video and videomarketing is helping with better understanding of subjects.
  • Videomarketing helps with purchase decisions
    67% of respondents claimed that they watched a video before making purchase decision. So it is clear that customers and clients are looking for valuable video content from vendors. Videomarketing is therefore extremely important in helping with sales.
  • Videomarketing increases the time customers spend on your website
    Research shows that clients and customers are spending in average 2 more minutes on websites which incorporates videos. Obviously – the longer they stay on your site – the more chance you have to „influence“ them and convert them into your customers.

Using video and videomarketing in your business strategy is not just fashionable – but inevitable. Video is becoming the driving force behind all marketing activities not just multinational companies but small and medium businesses too. And rightly so… because video is such a great medium to showcase your products, services and brands.